Students and staff celebrated Mental Health Week in the month of December at Scoil Mhuire, with various activities organised throughout the week.

Mindful Monday: All students in Scoil Mhuire had a very relaxing and mindful day. This helped all students to get their brains working and thinking more.

Timeout Tuesday: All students were given no homework on Tuesday to give them a break from their school work. This was a good day for most students.

Walk in my shoes Wednesday: All students were encouraged to wear slippers to school for the day to be comfortable in themselves.

Tool box Thursday: Activities were planned for students in both GPAs at lunch time. Students played with Jigsaw puzzles and Jenga blocks. This was a fun and interesting lunch time.

Feel Good Friday: Students were given an extended lunch break on Friday. This made students happy and there was a lot of positivity around the school.

There was a positive message over the intercom every day and music playing as the students went to class in the morning. There was a happy vibe around the school and lots of smiles on each student’s face.