On the 4th of March 2019 we held our Careers Day here in Scoil Mhuire and had 8 guest speakers come to talk to us about their professions.  

We had 3 People in at once and separated them into 3 sections of the study hall so that they could take 3 groups of 25 students to talk to. The first 3 people in to speak to us were: Kate Hedigan, From UL Law. Pamela Hogan and her team, from Waterford Search and Rescue. A business student and lecturer, from UCD.

  • Kate came in to talk to us about what it is like to do the law and business courses in the University in Limerick. She talked to us about her job as a solicitor for 12 years and some of the crazy cases she has had.
  • Pamela came in with 2 other volunteers from the Waterford River Search and Rescue to tell us about what they do on a daily basis and the basic information about safety near and in water.
  • 2 women came all the way from UCD to tell us about the college and different courses they have to offer and the different requirements for those courses to help us pick what we would like to do in the future.

After break, the people to talk to us were: Colin Dunford and Alison Moore, From Carlow I.T. Diane Everette, Social influencer and M.U.A. Lynda McSweeney and co-worker, Zoologists from Fota Wildlife Park.

  • Colin and Alison talked to us about the Carlow campus and different scholarships and courses you can do in the college and we even had a little chat with Colin about the Waterford hurling team.
  • Diane came in and did a makeup demonstration on one of the girls from 4th year and told us about how her life turned around and she made the best of living in Australia with her son and making her Instagram page and becoming an M.U.A. and even gave us some makeup tips.
  • Lynda and another zoo worker came in to tell us about what it’s really like working in the zoo with the animals and how it’s not all fun and games playing and feeding the animals and how much hard work and knowledge is needed for being a zoologist.

During Lunch we had The Donut Cabin from Waterford bring in 100 donuts for everyone in the year to have. They brought in a variety of different flavour filled donuts that had everyone licking their lips. After lunch there was: Tracey Nugent, From the H.S.E. Siobhán Wall, From W.I.T.

  • Tracey talked to us about working with the HSE and doing Social Science. She also talked to us about mental health and gave out green ribbons to represent it.
  • Siobhán talked to us about being a lecturer in W.I.T. for Electrical Engineering. She talked to us about all the different types of engineering and how many engineers from different specialised fields it would take to build a school like ours.

Overall, the Careers Day was a very informative and pleasant experience for our year group and we thank all the speakers who came along and gave us an insight to their careers.