Save The Turtles

by Kaitlyn O’ Connor- 1 st Year

The problem: the problem starts with us, not the turtles or the sea. We should be looking after our world but we are not and because of this the turtles are suffering. In the ocean the turtles are eating plastic. It’s not their fault; all they want is food, pure innocent food but they can’t have it with us around destroying their home. Sea turtles live in almost every ocean basin throughout the world.

Nearly all species of sea turtles are classified as endangered. Slaughtered for their eggs, meat, skin and shells, sea turtles suffer from poaching. It is estimated that over half of ALL sea turtles have ingested some form of plastic within their life time. Sadly, only an estimated one in 1000 to 10000 will survive adulthood.

Scientists say that the oldest sea turtle was killed by ingesting plastic. When they opened up his shell they found plastic particles. He lived from 1499 to 2013.

How many sea turtles die every year?
Over 1000 sea turtles are killed from plastic waste in the oceans and on beaches.
What would happen if sea turtles were to go extinct?
If sea turtles were ever to go extinct, sea grass would eventually die off and this would in turn affect marine life and human life as well.

Is this the type of world that you want your children to grow up in?
Is this what we are teaching our children?
I do not want that for future generations.
Will there even be future generations?

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