Scoil Mhuire 1st Years
we look forward to meeting you

Deputy Principal Agnes Guerin

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As this unprecedented school year draws to a close our attention is now very much focused on our incoming first year students. We are really looking forward to welcoming your daughter on August 27.  We appreciate that students have missed out on key milestones but we hope that students will now begin to look forward to a bright, new chapter in Scoil Mhuire.

Deputy Principal Agnes Guerin 

We have compiled a welcome collection and ask you to share this with your daughter. This includes a message of welcome from our chaplain Ms. Jones and Year Head Ms. Cummins as well as a message from our outgoing Head Girl Lorna Butler.  A selection of letters from our current First Year cohort is attached which we hope you’ll enjoy reading. We also plan to invite you and your daughter to a zoom meeting in mid -August where your daughter will meet her Year Head, Class tutor, Meitheal leaders and key members of staff.

Please be assured that the school is here to help and support any Parent/ Guardian of incoming First years. We cannot say with certainty what the return to school will look like for Scoil Mhuire this year and we share parents’ apprehension in this situation. We invite parents to engage and communicate with us if you are experiencing any worries about your daughter’s start in secondary school. You can contact me directly at ta.guerin@scoilmhuirecos.ie.

We would like to wish you all a safe and peaceful summer and look forward to welcoming our 2020/21 First Year students in person to Scoil Mhuire.

Best wishes,

Agnes Guerin, Deputy Principal


Helping students and parents with the move from primary school to secondary school 

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a message of welcome from your


My name is Ms. Cummins & I am your Year Head.  I also went to school in Scoil Mhuire for 6 years and I remember well my very first day here… So, I know how you may be feeling! Some of you might feel nervous, excited or a mixture of emotions!


 We have all been through a very strange time and I know that this affected your final few months of memories & goodbyes of primary school. Secondary school presents a new challenge, new friends, new teachers and new experiences. 

Myself, your three PC tutors, your chaplain Ms. Jones and so many more of us are here to help you. We cannot wait to welcome you all to the Scoil Mhuire community and we look forward to seeing all of the amazing things that you will do during your time here with us.

Miss Cummins


First Years in the  laboratory




First Years at lunchtime


A Word of warm welcome from

Our Principal

” Dear Parent/Guardian  First Year Students

As this unprecedented academic year draws to a close, may I take this opportunity to welcome all First Year students who will be entering Scoil Mhuire at the end of August. We hope you will be very happy here and we look forward to working closely with students and parents over the next number of years.


to download all details of the upcoming arrangements.”


School Chaplain Miss Maura Jones & Head Girl Lorna Butler 

We hope you and your family are enjoying a peaceful and relaxing Summer. We look forward to meeting you again in late August and we have high hopes that you  will have a happy, fulfilling
and successful time in Scoil Mhuire.  Below you can hear & read messages from our School Chaplain,  Head Girl and also some students – all eager to welcome you to our school. 

School Chaplain Miss Jones
Head Girl Lorna Butler 
advice and information 

From Our Students

Hi, I’m Ava. I’m in 1 Amelia and I study French, Science, Business and Home Ec.

The difference between Primary and Secondary school is we have lockers and lots of different classes so we have different teachers and a head teacher.  If you don’t like a teacher you only have to spend 40 minutes with them.  You get to spend time with your friends and make new ones.  The extracurricular activities are homework club.  One of my highlights is when we all did Just Dance at lunch with the 5th Years.  One funny thing that happened was that we all started dancing at every lunch break and missed the bell.  Hope you have fun at Scoil Mhuire.  It is a really homely place and I love it there.  From Ava.

Hello, my name is Doireann Phelan and I am a student in 1st year at Scoil Mhuire.

Switching from 6th Class to 1st Year is a big jump.  Everything is big and new.  Your classes are different, your teachers are new and so are your new friends.  The subjects I picked are French, Art, Science and Music.  The thing I really liked about Secondary school was the lockers.  Having your own key and putting your books in it was cool.  But on a morning arriving to school remembering you have  forgotten the key is the worst feeling.  Advise I would give you would be keeping your locker clean, having folders for each subject to put the books into, have everything ready the night before and knowing what way you are going for the next class.  Highlights for me in 1st Year was when my friends and I won a big Gaelic competition, going to East Munster cross country and our team coming 2nd.  When picking your subject pick the ones you love most and don’t pick the ones that your friends pick because you want to be with them as everyone is split up into different classes.  I hope this letter helped you a little.  You will survive the year.  Do your best every day.  Enjoy 1st Year!  Doireann xxx

Dear 6th Class students, My name is Ella and I’m in 1 Amelia.

The subjects I chose were French, Business, Science and Music.  My favourite subject is Maths because I sit beside my friend Sarah and we always have fun.  The main difference between Primary and Secondary is moving to a different classroom after each class.  I play hurling and badminton with the school and is really fun.  A highlight for me was making new friends and me and my friends won a quiz.  I really hope you like Greenhill.

Ella Bailey.

Dear Incoming First Years, My name is Mia Ponce De Leon.

I study SPHE, CSPE, PE, English, Irish, Maths, History, French, Science, Geography, Home Ec, Business and Religion.

I think the main difference between primary and secondary is more class rooms, a bigger school and a bit more teachers and students.  There are some new subjects that will be a bit confusing when you first try them out. Some advice from me, keep up with your homework.  If you do teachers will know you participate well in class and it will be easy to study for tests. An extracurricular activity that I take part in is the school pop-up choir.  I sing, some people play instruments.  We sing for church and sometimes for the talent show. Some fun things that I have done at Scoil Mhuire is badminton tournaments, quizzes with other schools, science experiments, home ec baking and swimming.  My favourite part was making new friends. I hope you have a fun year at Scoil Mhuire.

From, Mia Ponce De Leon.

Dear 6th Class students, My name is Megan. I’m in 1 Amelia.

I study English, Irish, Maths, French, Business, Home Ec, Science, History, Geography, SPHE, CSPE, Religion and PE.  My favourite subject is Home Ec.  My least favourite subject is geography.  It is a big change going from Primary to Secondary school.  Lockers took a big time to get used to.  It was also hard getting used to having to change classrooms for every class.  I was involved in choir for the Christmas mass with my friends.  It was really fun.  I made lots of new friends.  It was really fun.  I made lots of new friends this year.  My schoolbag got caught in the badminton net a lot.

From Megan.

Hello, My name is Niamh Enright. I am currently in 1 Áine and I study the following subjects!

Maths, English, Irish, History, Geography, Science, Home Ec, Business, French, CSPE, SPHE and Religion.  I would certainly say that there is quite a difference between primary school and secondary school but trust me you get used to it after a while.  First of all there’s the lockers, sometimes it’s a struggle to get in and out to your locker at lunch time because everyone is rushing to get their lunch.  You just have to be patient (especially if you have a bottom locker).  This year the teachers put shelves in our lockers (1st Year lockers) and it made everything so much easier!  Next there’s the timetable.  I will say that I found it hard to remember all of my classes.  I feel like I was one of those people who walked around the school with my head stuck in the timetable but that’s ok.  For the first while it’s a little bit difficult to keep up but there’s so much help from the teachers and older students that you will get used to it soon enough!  I would really encourage you to try talk to everyone and make new friends.  If you are worried that you might not make friends or you’re just worried about it, all I’d say that you need to make the best effort to make friends and be nice to everyone and you’ll be fine.  This year I took part in the school badminton team with a few of my friends and it was great fun.  I also joined the pop up choir which again was really enjoyable.  Something that I didn’t take part in but thought was a really good idea was the big sister little sister club.  I’m sure you’ll be told all about it when you come in.  I know it’s school but it’s great fun.  So the best advice I can give to you is listen to your teachers, study hard, keep up with homework and be nice to everyone!



Hi, My name is Hannah Lily Hennebry and I made the transition to first year last year and it was much easier than I thought.

So I am going to tell you a little more about it.  The difference between primary school and secondary school is quite big but after a few weeks you just get used to it.  Like having a locker for your books, moving classes every forty minutes or even eighty if it is a double class, doing subjects that you might not have done in primary school etc.  I went to the summer camp and it made things so much easier, so then when I came into first year I recognised more faces, I had an idea of my way around the school and knew some of the teachers.  So anyway I am in class 1 Áine and everybody in my class are so nice and kind.  At first we did tasters of the choice subjects and I have to say if the school didn’t do tasters I probably would of picked the complete wrong subjects, but in the end I ended up picking Science, French, Business and Music.  The subjects I do then are Maths, Irish, English, Geography, History, P.E, S.P.H.E, C.S.P.E, Science, French, Business, Music and Religion.  When you are coming into Scoil Mhuire whatever you do don’t be scared because I have to say I was a little but Scoil Mhuire is such a welcoming school.

Here are some tips about coming into first year, don’t be afraid to ask for help off your year head or someone else if you’re not quite sure where a classroom is or something but the school is not that big so it’s not that bad at all to get used too.  You should try get involved in an activity at lunch.  I did swimming up in Seán Kelly’s with my class and it was really fun.  The Meitheal leaders are really good too.  I used to love doing just dance at lunch time and doing skipping with the big skipping rope, if they do these with your year you should get involved and don’t be saying “oh what will people think”, it’s just for a bit of fun.  A highlight for me in first year was when I danced in the talent show with some other girls and at Seachtain na Gaeilge.  And a funny moment was when we were in S.P.H.E and I kept knocking over the books with my foot on the floor without even realising and everyone was laughing but in a nice way.  So I am going to leave it there and I hope my advice brings you some luck and just remember there are people there if you need help so I hope you have a great time going into first year!

Hannah Lily

Hi, My name is Lilly and I am in first year. My class name is 1 Áine.

I study the following subjects; Irish, English, Maths, CSPE, SPHE, History, Geography, PE, French, Science, Business and Home Ec.  The main difference between primary and secondary school for me is that you get to change teachers and classroom between each subject which is nice because you can have a little chat with your friends when you’re going to and from the classroom.  The main advise I could give you is just to be yourself and keep your locker area tidy.  I was involved in The Homework Club.  The main reason why I started going was just to do my homework so I can go outside when I come home.  It lasts 30 minutes and Ms. Pringle is in there to help you.  A highlight of first year for me was the Meitheal leaders programme.  It really helped me settle in.  A funny thing that happened to me was when I first started.  I forgot which locker was mine for the whole break but then I remembered.

Looking forward to seeing you,


Dear 6th Class girls, I am Katie Phelan. I am going to talk about Greenhill.

It’s a lovely school.  The girls in the classes are very nice.  The school always keeps you organised.  Most of the teachers are very kind and they will always help you if you have a question.  I’m in 1 Áine Class.

My favourite classes would be SPHE, Music and Business.  The subjects I picked were Music, Home Ec, Business and Science.

The Science labs are new.  They are really nice.  They are very modern.  Music is great fun.  Ms. Sullivan is the teacher.  She is very funny and she is really kind.  She is our year head as well.  Home Ec is fun.  We bake every Friday.  The other Home Ec class bake on Thursday.  Business can be boring but you still enjoy it.

You don’t need to worry about making friends.  It is kind of scary at first but you get put into classes with some of your friends but you probably won’t sit beside you.  They go in alphabetical order.  The girl you sit beside will definitely become your friend.

Thank you for listening.  Hope you enjoy xoxo

Hi, my name is Grace, I study Music, Science, Home Ec and French for my choice subjects.

  • The difference between primary and secondary school: lockers, teachers, lunch, subjects, more tests/homework and longer days in school.
  • My advice for you would be to be kind to everyone, be confident, study for tests and just try your best at everything, and lastly you must be very organised.
  • I did a soccer league after school once and I enjoyed it because you made new friends and you had to work as a team to score/win.
  • A highlight for me was making new friends and just having fun.
  • I found a lot of interesting new things that I never knew before and some were quite funny!!

Overall I hope you have a lovely time in 1st year and enjoy it!!

From Grace xo



Hello, My name is Leah Sullivan. I am in 1 Áine 1st Year.

I study a lot of subjects like Science, French, Business, Music, Maths etc.  There is a big difference between Primary and Secondary school.  You will have to change classes, manage with a locker, make sure you don’t lose your locker key or forget books.  You make new friends and you will get a lot of freedom.  I love being in Secondary school.  Some advice for you starting is make sure you have your key tied onto your skirt and keep your locker tidy and don’t be afraid to ask where you’re going and just have fun.  I got involved in the sports like soccer, Gaelic and hurling.  I really enjoyed playing matches.  For our first match with Gaelic we won the trophy and were we all so happy to bring it back to the school!  My highlight of 1st Year was our sing along at Christmas.  It was so funny and it made me very happy.  A funny thing that happened to me was when we won the trophy and we were all singing on the bus together.  I hope you find first year easy!  Bye.

Dear incoming 1st Year, I am in 1 Amelia.

The subjects I do are English, Irish, Maths, History, Geography, Religion, PE, CSPE, SPHE, French, Business, Art and Science.  My favourite subject is Art and my least favourite subject is Business.

In Secondary school you have lockers and you have different teachers and classes for every class.  But in Primary school you keep all your books with you and stay in the same class for every class and have the same teacher.

I think for Secondary school don’t be shy, make lots of friends, be kind and do your homework.  I think you should do Camogie and Soccer because it’s fun and you’ll make lots of friends.

A highlight for me in first year is making lots of new friends and one time me and my friends won a quiz.  Me and my friend Ella always have fun and laugh in Maths.

From Sarah.

Hi, I’m Kate. I’m in 1 Amelia and the subjects I do are Science, Home Ec, Business and French.

The difference between Primary and Secondary school are we have lockers in Secondary school, we have different teachers for different classes, there are different people from different schools and for me it was a big change with the amount of people in the class but everyone is in the same boat so don’t worry!

My advice for Secondary school would be, don’t be shy, talk to new people (that’s how you’ll make friends).  Get involved in sport or different clubs and don’t worry about the work because the teachers are nice and if you are finding work hard just ask them, they’ll help.

I did Camogie and football.  I enjoyed it because it’s fun and you will be able to talk to people that aren’t in your class. A highlight for me during first year would be when me and my friend Grace got to go to a Camogie match on a bus in Cork.  We got the whole day off school which was really good. I hope you enjoy first year and have fun.  I really like this school and I hope you do too!

Dear Incoming 1st Year, I am in 1 Amelia.

The subjects I do are English, Irish, Maths, History, Geography, SPHE, CSPE, Religion, PE, Business, Music, Art and German.  My favourite subject is PE.  My least favourite subject is Maths.  In Secondary school you have your own locker and different teachers and classrooms for every subject.  You also have a GPA for eating your lunch, unlike Primary school where you do everything in the one room.  My highlight from first year was doing gymnastics in PE and trying out for the talent show (even though I was injured).  I think you should be nice to everyone and try to do well in class.

From Ava C.

Dear 6th Class, My name is Rebecca. I am in 1 Áine and I chose to study Science, French, Music and Business.

There is definitely a big difference between primary and secondary school but it doesn’t take long to get used to it.  First of all you have to move to another classroom every 40 minutes but I think it is better than staying in the one classroom every day.  Secondly, you have more than one teacher which is nice just in case you don’t get along with anyone of them.  Thirdly, you have lockers.  I like having lockers because they have lots of space.  Fourthly, bigger school.  I would advise you to make a lot of new friends and talk to everyone.  This helped me a lot and it was really fun to get to know everyone.  My second piece of advice is to get to school kind of early.  This gives you time to tidy up your locker, get your books and talk to your friends before school starts.  My third piece of advice is to get involved in as many extracurricular activities as you can.  This really helped me make new friends and it also helped keep me busy.  I am involved in the student council.  My friends and classmates voted and I got in.  I really enjoy this because I really like helping people and helping organising school events.  The highlight of my first year experience was winning a Gaelic football tournament with my friends in Rockwell.  We all really enjoyed the day out and it was a great experience.  One of the funniest things that happened was the day we were playing music in the GPA and we all started dancing.  It was class.

Dear 6th Class Students. My name is Jane. I’m in 1 Amelia.

The subjects I chose to study were German, Science, Business and Home Economics.  The 8 week tasters really helped me decide what subjects to pick.

I really like having different teachers for every subject and moving to your next class is great because you get to stretch your legs and talk to your friends on the way.  The activities the Meitheal leaders set up for us were so much fun.

I can’t wait to be back in school with my friends again.

From Jane.