In Scoil Mhuire the Green-Schools committee helps promote the need for drastic change in the environment and where better to start then locally in our own school. The Green-Schools organization is run by the  dedicated students of Scoil Mhuire and teachers who give up their lunchtime to plan new ways we can help the environment. Our club is aiming for our first green flag, waste and recycling which we are well on our way to receiving . The green-schools was set up by founding teacher Ms. Healy with the help of Ms. Jones, Mr. Dineen and Ms. Brosnan and is now proud to have 18 dedicated members. The club meets every Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss what we can do to reduce the waste in our school. We recently purchased new bins, so waste can be disposed of properly and are happy to say that we are starting to see massive improvements in the waste disposal in Scoil Mhuire. 




1.     Why did u join the Green-Schools? 


2.     What roles have you taken on during your time as a member? 


3.     Have you ever been in a Green-Schools before? 


4.     What was your favourite project that you did so far? 


5.     What would you like to achieve in the Green-School and how would you like to make a difference in the school? 


6.     What can we expect to see from the Green-Schools by the end of this year? 




Ms. Brosnan 

  1. I joined the Green-schools because it was something that interested me and I have an interest in helping the environment. 

  2. I’ve spoken to other members of staff, such as CSPE teachers, 

about our community action day. 

  1. I have never been in a Green-schools before. 

  2. I put designed the notice board. 

  3. I would like to achieve a positive attitude towards waste disposal. 

  4. You can expect to see the bins in proper use and the use of reusable bottles will be approved. 


Mr.  Dineen 


  1. I was in a Green-school in my previous school and I have a background in environmental science. 

  2. I have taken on the task of being a team leader, more so of the teachers. 

  3. Yes I have in my previous school. 

  4. My favourite project was the Christmas tree. 

  5. I would like to make the school more environmentally friendly and reduce the waste produced. 

  6. We can expect to see the reusable bottles being sold around the school and the action day being a success.